Story in Six Words

Story in Six Words

Trying to be Strong enough to Stand alone through Tough Times.
Do You Profess what You Profess?

Do You Profess what You Profess?

“But, this is not my job! This is not what I’m supposed to do!” he exclaimed. “I don’t feel good doing it. I didn’t bargain for this when I accepted this position. I don’t know how to be professional about this.”, he said, feeling miserable about the whole thing. It’s always our job that gets in the way of us becoming more professional.

His dilemma arises from a simple distinction between these two words – Job and Profession – which we generally tend to use interchangeably. Which one comes first? Job or Profession? Maybe another way to ask this question is: Does our Job determine what Profession we are in, or does our Profession decide what kind of jobs we need to go for?

The discipline of the two words Job and Profession make an interesting comparison. There have been far too many negative connotations attached to the word Job. Some say “piece of work, something to be done” ,some say “things to do to sustain”. In general, the accepted meaning is “paid position of employment” with explanations ranging from “low, mean lucrative busy affair” to “petty, trivial work”.

On the other hand, Profession is defined as the act of “declaring or saying something openly”.It expresses that “occupation one professes to be skilled in”.

 In effect, a Job is what we do on others’ bidding while Profession is our personal intent declared openly and unambiguously.


Most of us, after a few years of work experience, have a list of things that we become good at, and know the activities that we love doing. A direction becomes clear for us to write our own ‘ideal’ job description.


Job is something we get paid for. It is outcome based, maybe just time based. Profession is something we want to be, want to have for ourselves.


To be the best that we can be. It is ‘Inner Fire’ based. A Job is a great means to obtain all that we need and covet – our Profession. A job will get us a wage while a professional skills will get us fees.


A famous saying “Are you a soul with a body, or a body with a soul?”.If you believe you are a body, your myopic view of life ends with that of this body you are carrying along. But if you believe you are a soul, the current body is one of many chances that you have, to continually enrich the soul.


The comparison here is clear: Job is but a body, and our Profession is the soul. Let’s go forth, and feed our soul.




Sunshine After Rainfall!

Sunshine After Rainfall!

Sitting in the Balcony on the 4th floor this morning, gazing towards the clear sky, watching the sunlight falling on to me after heavy rainfalls during night, My Heart feels Crystallized. Its like rising from ashes into something better than before. That feeling of being into yourself is just priceless.



Looking outside, and remembering what the real me was; those childhood days, waking up early morning -> getting ready for the school -> boarding the school-bus -> attending the classes -> Sharing Lunch-box -> And at the end coming back to home and many more memories. This is what the daily routine used to be like.


After Rain everything appears to be Crystal clearThis sentence fits nicely. Sometimes, Life is about doing things which may Hurt you, because they ain’t in your comfort zone,  but you need to do them in order to stay the way you were born and destined!


Credits: Bangalore Life of a Non-Bangalorean.

Father’s Day

Father’s Day

There are rarely any Hindi songs dedicated to Father. But I remember one song sung by Sonu Nigam. I find these lines as best part of the song.

पिता के आशीर्वाद से तूने सब कुछ पाया है
क्या लेकर तू आया जग में
और क्या तूने कमाया है
पिता का रुतबा सब से ऊंचा
रब के रूप समान है
पिता की ऊँगली थाम के चल तो
रास्ता भी आसान है
पिता का साया सर पे हो तो
कदमों में आकाश है
पिता है पूँजी खो जाए तो
फिर क्या तेरे पास है
पिता बना ना हस्ती तेरी
ना कोई तेरा ठिकाना है
पिता के नाम से आना जग में
पिता के नाम से जाना है



Highly Patriotic Song.


An Intangible Desire – I will not Love You anymore.

An Intangible Desire – I will not Love You anymore.


One day You’ll want to hug me when You’re cold,

But I won’t be there to embrace you.

I would be like the Sun; warm for You.

But not close to You.



One day You’ll want to Kiss me,

But I won’t be there to Kiss You.

I would be like your glass of wine; Kissing You.

But not caressing You.



One day You’ll crave to talk to me,

But I won’t be there to listen to You.

I would be like the Air; Humming into your ears,

But not speaking to You.



One day You’ll want to cry,

But I won’t be there to Kiss your tears.

I would be like your Scarf; wiping your tears,

But not confronting You.



One day You’ll be Shattered,

But I won’t be there to hold You.

I would be like your Pillow; held closely,

But not Bracing You.



One day You’ll be over with your false Love,

But I won’t be there to watch You back.

I would be like You were to me; Liking You,

But not Loving You.


The Gloaming Nightfall

The Gloaming Nightfall

The Cuspidal Dusk. The Beauty of Nature. In the Month of March, the top view from Skandagiri Hills( Near to Bangalore, India). After Climbing of almost 4.5 hours we reached the peak and got to see this mesmerising view. The sight somehow resembles with the Poetry collection by Amber Jerome – The Cusp of Nightfall’s Caress.